The Haters of Free Speech

The Haters of Free Speech are Winning

Finally got kicked off Blogger, owned by a Silicon Valley terrorist op called Google.

They are trying to install themselves as the Lord of All when it comes to Free Speech & hate those who can still think for themselves.

So how about exposing a little bit of what they hate the most…TRUTH.

Dont like the truthful replies your goons are getting? Just kick their nuts or stomp on them with your boots, they’ll tell you anything. Any LIE you want to publish will be yours, just torture the poor devils.

Jail in my case is Blogger hell, where they send all us uppity Goyim for exposing truths about the biggest FRAUD of the 20th Century, the lie called the Holocau$t .

When some hater of free speech starts babbling about LOLocaust, ask them to tell you about the adjacent IG Farben work camp, called Monowitz that made many things for the German military & ran around the clock.

Guess where they got their laborers from?

In the end, besides soaking Goyim for hundreds of billions with hundreds of billions more to steal, they also use the phony holocost to hide their ongoing genocide of the native Palestinains.

Stay tuned, there will be more to come in the following days.

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